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Christoph Fuhrken aka KAMELOGANA is a German stencil artist. In his works the motif of a camel and that of a flower always can be found. Motifs that he uses for peace in the world. His works have been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions as well as the Stencil Art Prize exhibitions in Sydney, Australia, THE KUTZ Stencil Award of the It's All 2 Much Art Gallery, Bristol (UK), or the Urban Art exhibition URBAN ART of the Art Association Wörth e.V. in Germany.
In 2021 his work "Collection Feed Your Head" was published on the book cover of the anniversary edition of the International Stencil Art Prize in Australia.

I think politics has to find diplomatic solutions to prevent and avoid wars internationally. I believe in solidarity among people and despise any war and any action that leads to war. Since 2003 I have been working under the stage name Kamelogana. In my work there are always motifs of a camel and a flower. Motifs that stand as a wish for peace in the world.
Love for all, hate for none!

- Christoph


An selection of artworks are also currently available through the GOLDEN EI GALLERY in Weisweil, or the

LiTE- Haus Galerie in Berlin, Germany





2022 REVERSE / Group Exhibition / 26 November - 24 December 2022 / THE HIDDEN ART PROJECT, 26122 Oldenburg, Germany

2022 "Open Stage Vol.3" / GROUP EXHIBITION / Sept. 29. - Oct. 08, 2022. The Stage Gallery, 50667 Köln.


2022 LiTE-HAUS Galerie + Projektraum "THE CUT UP" GROUP EXHIBITION June 9 - 26, 2022. The exhibition is part of the annual "48 Hour Neukölln"  Festival (June 24 - 26, 2022), 12055 Berlin, Germany

2022 "re:claim" GROUP EXHIBITION, Cultural Festival 17_6_22____26_06_22 THE HIDDEN ART PROJECT, 26122 Oldenburg, Germany

2022 GOLDEN EI GALLERY - Jutta Zeisset, 79367 Weisweil, Breisgau, Germany


5 February 2021 – 2 May 2021, Hurstville Museum & Gallery, Sydney, NSW /15 May 2021 - 10 July 2021, Dogwood Crossings, Miles, Queensland / 30th July 2021 – 4 September 2021, Logan Art Gallery, Logan, Queensland

2021 CUT: 10 Years of the Stencil Art Prize / Book - PRESALE

Front cover artwork: Collection Feed Your Head by Kamelogana

Back cover artwork: Land of the Free by EVRST

2021 URBAN.ART@PFORZHEIM. ART IN PUBLIC SPACES / Stadtlabor am Marktplatz, 75175 Pforzheim, Germany.

18 June - 19 September 2021 / Curator Prof. Dr. Chris Gerbing

2021 SWISS ART EXPO ARTBOX / PROJECT Zürich 3.0 (25-29 August 2021) Artbox.Group GmbH

2021 SOCIAL ART AWARD - NEW GREENING -  Institute for Art and Innovation, 10435  Berlin, Germany

2020 RUMBLING RENAISSANCE  / Thomas Baumgärtel, Patrizia Casagranda, Kamelogana, Kunstrasen, Van Ray, zirO  / Ein Urban Art Projekt In Verrückten Zeiten.

09 May - 27 June 2020. NEUE KUNST GALLERY - Michael Oess, 76133 Karlsruhe

ME_The Reality Is A Raft
ME_The Reality Is A Raft

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Auf dem ehemaligen Bundeswehrgelände des Fliegerhorst in Oldenburg 2020

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4 Joseph in Love / 2022 / Detail / 180 x 165 cm
4 Joseph in Love / 2022 / Detail / 180 x 165 cm

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ME_The Reality Is A Raft
ME_The Reality Is A Raft

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Woman Sergeant For Peace On Tour / Paris / August 2019


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