Medium: stencil, spray paint on wooden pallet

Sizes: 68 cm x 48 cm x 4 cm

Certificate of authenticity: The artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity signed, dated and stamped with the Kamelogana Logo on the reverse side


The stencil "LISA 4 GRIGORIS" is made on an old wooden pallet.

Grigoris Lambrakis was an independent left-wing MP in Greece and a prominent peace activist. He was a member of the Greek resistance during WWII, a successful athlete and studied medicine. As an anti-war activist, he joined one of the famous Easter Aldermaston marches in the UK in 1963. These marches eventually become associated with the CND, and involved a march from Aldermaston (where an Atomic Weapons Establishment is in Berkshire) to London. These marches attracted huge numbers, with thousands of people gathered in Trafalgar Square at the march’s end. On 21 April 1963, the pacifist movement in Greece organized the First Pacifist Rally from Marathon to Athens. The police intervened, banned the rally and arrested many demonstrators (Mikis Theodorakis among them). Lambrakis, protected by his parliamentary immunity, marched alone and arrived at the end of the rally holding the banner with the peace symbol. Grigoris Lambrakis was murderd in 1963.


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